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Unlock the full potential of your child's concentration and creativity with BAVVIC thoughtfully designed toys. Crafted to enhance focus and unleash imaginative prowess, our sustainable collection serves as the perfect catalyst for developing young minds, nurturing the seeds of innovation and artistic expression.

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open-ended toys

Dive into innovative play experience, where each toy is designed to replace multiple toys, seamlessly integrating with other toys in the room. Our unique, open-ended collection not only complements your child's existing playset but also significantly stimulates imagination, fueling the necessity for innovation right from the early stages of development.

Wooden blocks duck

preventing overstimulation

Each piece meticulously crafted from fine beech wood and imbued with sensory elements to preserve and enhance the increasingly rare quality of concentration in today's fast-paced world. Our toys are designed to prevent overstimulation, offering a serene yet engaging play environment that fosters deep focus and nurtures the mind's ability to engage fully and creatively with the task at hand.

kids don't need many toys

wooden blocks
minimalistic approach
building blocks
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Finding BAVVIC was like discovering a hidden treasure in the world of toys. Each piece, with its smooth beech wood and sensory elements, brings a sense of calm and focus to our lively household. They're not just toys; they're pieces of art that inspire my children to dive deep into their imagination, building intricate worlds that stretch far beyond the living room. The serene play experience BAVVIC offers has become an essential part of our family's routine, helping us cherish those quiet moments of creativity and connection. 


Aneta Zborowska, Wrocław, Poland

Sustainably crafted in Poland from beech wood, with meticulous attention to every detail. Over 5,000 customers worldwide are delighted with our products!

Designed by parents for families worldwide, our team includes an architect, an engineer, a therapist, and a marketer.

Certified and internationally awarded in over 20 different competitions across design and the toy industry.

Our journey of excellence is marked by prestigious awards, including the Kids Design Award 2023 in Japan and the Toy Award at Spielwarenmesse 2023 in Germany.