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Very thoughtful toys! Huge potential for great fun! 


An unexpectedly exceptional product! There is nothing like it on the market, the aesthetic experience is incredible!


As a therapist, I will admit that the sensory experience and the wisdom of this toy is something every child should experience.


BAVVIC offers multifunctional, sensory, designer building blocks - the perfect wooden toys for a gift. Our products provide a unique way to engage children in a culture of learning through creative play. Crafted from solid wood, these construction blocks come with sensory silicone connectors, making BAVVIC not just another toy, but a unique educational tool.

Designed by an architect and carefully crafted by parents and experts, BAVVIC wooden toys are the perfect gifts that carry the attributes of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) toy. They help to stimulate children's interest in education by using geometric shapes and abstract forms.

Our wooden toys have been created to be inclusive, allowing everyone, regardless of age, gender, individual differences, or additional needs (such as sensory disorders), to create their own unique constructions. BAVVIC wooden toys actively support the development of a range of skills, including cognitive abilities, motor skills, spatial imagination, problem-solving, decision-making, and creative thinking.

By playing with our wooden toys for an extended period of time, children can strengthen their concentration skills, teamwork, and social relationships. These wooden toys for a gift offer limitless potential for both children and adults to explore and enjoy. Choose BAVVIC - the perfect wooden toy gift that is not only fun but also educational.

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