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Left-Half Jigsaw Puzzle by BAVVIC

The Left-Half Jigsaw Puzzle set provides for exercises such as replicating the therapist's (parent's) pattern, putting out patterns from memory, and setting out patterns given on the boards. It is also useful for teaching categorization and practising sequential pattern creation.

The first step is to arrange the design on the board. The child's objective here is to assemble the same pattern shown to him or her one by one. It is critical that the youngster arranges it on the table rather than the booklet. The degree of difficulty in BAVVIC's package changes when the successive tasks are completed. Because this is training for linear processing, the stacking orientation must be controlled from left to right.

The second practise involves mimicking the sequence. The therapist/parent sets the blocks, and the child is given the quantity of blocks required to replicate the pattern. After then, the youngster is encouraged with the command: organise like me.

A third task to conduct with the child is to continue the sequence. It consists of the parent placing down the start of the sequence and the child getting the required number of blocks to continue the sequence.

Arranging a pattern from memory is a global memory exercise in which the therapist/parent arranges the blocks one by one behind a curtain, then uncovers them for a while, the child remembers the order of the presented blocks, and after a while, when the curtain is closed again, arranges them in the same way.

The final exercise we would like to suggest within the BAVVIC Academy is exclusion from the set. It is intended for children aged 4-5 years old. A number of blocks are placed in front of the youngster, only one of which is proper in relation to the others. The child's responsibility is to remove the parts that do not match. This is training for the right hemisphere of the brain, which looks for similarities, as well as the left hemisphere, which looks for differences.

We hope that the examples of activities we have offered will provide you with a lot of fun and enjoyment, which we wish for you sincerely. BAVVIC provides examples of exercises that you can undertake with your child using this set.

The puzzles for the left hemisphere can be downloaded from our online store.

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